Anti-corrosive & Primer for Newbuilding use

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Anti-corrosive & Primer for Newbuilding use



NOA. Nippon Paint Marine's unique, self-indicating technology. Ensuring correct paint thickness will be applied.

Since 1998 NOA has been applied to ships to improve application accuracy and performance. Using NOA potentially extends the life of the ship.

Different NOA versions are now available to work on and in different part of the ship according to the anticorrosive needs of that area. Nippon Paint Marine created high performance anti-abrasive epoxy schemes with pigments that have various opacities depending on it thickness. If you can see through it, NOA’s thickness is too low. This remarkably simple concept enables owners and yards to literally see when the coating has been applied to the correct thickness. Applying the correct thickness – especially on edges and corners is fundamental to protection.

Correct thickness – even on edges and corners ; can be seen with NOA even if it can’t be measured conventionally. NOA stands for Nippon Paint Marine Optimized and Advanced Coating System.

Key Features


SI (Self-Indicating) Technology

Why NOA available in Buff colour?

Nippon Paint Marine’s chemists studied colour differences & opacities with different colour pigments. They found that Buff & Blue were most suitable for self-indicating (SI) technology. Buff was the best.

Colour had to differ from that of the substrate (bare steel or shop primer). Colour with lower opacity

Colour development was modified and studied to ensure that pigment and opacity levels combined correctly to the specified thickness of NOA applied. Correlation between visual evaluation and DFT.


Find out which NOA versions are available for different part of the ship according to the anticorrosive needs of that area.


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