The Original TBT-free SPC.

Nippon Paint Marine have a long and proud history of dedicated and detailed research and development into antifouling paints that have reduced shipping's marine environmental impact and in reducing air pollution.
In 1991, Nippon Paint developed the world's first TBT-free true self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling “ECOLOFLEX” series.
ECOLOFLEX products have been applied to many thousands of ships and continue to reduce shipping's costs and environmental impact to this day.
ECOLOFLEX SPC HyB is the latest and ultimate version of Nippon Paint Marine's SPC range and has demonstrated ultra-reliability on ships operating in all areas of the world.
By keeping ships clean reliably, ECOLOFLEX products provide predictability and keep owners and charterers' fuel costs down.


  • Nippon Paint's hydrolysis SPC technology

    • Fouling protection
    • Long term operation
    • Smoothing & roughness control
  • Wide product range

    • Applicable to various types of ships
  • Good workability

    • Standard practice & apparatus


(1) Reliable Hydrolysis Resin

ECOLOFLEX SPC HyB series possess progressive patented technology of metal-contained acrylate copolymer and silyl acrylate copolymer.
This technology ensures long-term and stable self-polishing which keeps the fresh active coating surface constantly exposed to sea water resulting in excellent antifouling performance.
Nippon Paint Marine's copper silyl acrylate copolymer was developed by combining with metal-containing acrylate resin in order to support and prolong the long-term weakness of silyl acrylate resin.
Therefore, generally ECOLOFLEX SPC HyB will out-perform other SPCs over time.

(2) Liner Polishing Property

Generally with other makers' silyl-acrylate SPCs, polishing tends to become increased and unpredictable significantly after around 2 years.
ECOLOFLEX SPC HyB technology constantly provides both linear and stable polishing properties for the long term.

Track records

Nippon Paint Marine's ECOLOFLEX series have been applied to well over 20,000 ships since its launch in 1991.
Nippon Paint Marine are constantly reviewing ships in drydock and improving the products' performance.


ECOLOFLEX provides proven protection from fouling. These ships arrived in drydock after operation with ECOLOFLEX showing excellent performance.
All photos are taken before any High-pressure washing was done. The sprayer's pattern is clearly shown showing ECOLOFLEX's reliable self-polishing.

  • VLCC (314,079 DWT) , 16 knots, 30M
  • VLCC (298,414 DWT) , 16 knots, 60M
  • LNG (69,594 DWT) , 16 knots, 30M
  • LNG (63,510 DWT) , 16 knots, 30M
  • BC (56,000 DWT) , 15 knots, 60M


ECOLOFLEX series complies with IMO-AFS2001 as tin-free anti-fouling system.
Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • JPMA (Japan Paint Manufactures Association)
  • DNV-GL
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Korean Register

Consult with your local Nippon Paint Marine representatives for more detail.