Vessel OwnerAdakent Shipping
LocationGisan Shipyard, Turkey
Vessel Type and Tonnage of Vessel (DWT/GT)Bulk Carrier/17,082 DWT
Type of ApplicationDrydocking
ProductsA-LF-Sea 150
Applied Vessel AreasFlat Bottom, Vertical Bottom
Date of ApplicationJune 2021


We have been working with Nippon Paint Marine since 2017. After the new rules of IMO regarding ship carbondioxide release, we upgraded our antifouling system to A-LF-Sea, firstly for our 17K DWT bulk carrier M/V ADAMOON. After we had significant energy savings by applying A-LF-Sea, we decided to upgrade our full fleet (4 vessels in 2021) which have been completed: M/V ADAMOON, M/V ADAMAR, M/V ADALADY, M/V ADAPEARL. We opt for the system for additional 4 vessels in 2022: M/V ADAROSE, M/V ADAVEGA, M/V ADASUN, M/V ADASTAR.

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Adakent Shipping

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