Protection in Extreme

NIPPON CERAMO is a shop primer / pre-fabrication primer that is recognised and respected in shipyards all over the world.
NIPPON CERAMO contributes significantly shipyards' productivity, efficiency and enables a shorter construction lead time together with improved working environments.
It is also designed to minimize the generation of zinc fume comparing with typical zinc silicate shop primers.
NIPPON CERAMO is a pure inorganic long-exposure shop primer that is super-heat-resistant (up to 800°C) and offers excellent welding properties, and resistance to zinc salt formation caused by weathering.
Its excellent heat resistance reduces areas that are potentially burnt by welding, cutting or fairing and therefore need repairing.


  • Super Heat Resistance

    • Mechanical strength
    • Corrosion protection
  • Low zinc content

    • Less zinc salt
    • Less zinc fume
  • Good workability

    • Reduction of workload (surface preparation)
    • Improved workability (welding & cutting)
    • Improved coatability


(1) Super heat resistance (up to 800°C)

  • Heat resistant zinc silicate
  • Heat resistant anticorrosive pigment

Burnt test

  • Test panel will be heated up to 600°C & 800°C
  • Typical inorganic zinc primer

    Rust developed clearly on the burnt part

    With NIPPON CERAMO no rust occurs on the burnt part

(2)Low zinc content

  • Lower levels of zinc salt develop on NIPPON CERAMO's surface.
  • Zinc salt will reduce adhesion with and between any subsequent coat. Zinc salts must be removed.
  • Typical inorganic zinc primer



NIPPON CERAMO is a shop primer / pre-fabrication primer that is recognised and respected all over the world.
Launched in 1987, NIPPON CERAMO was developed after five years of joint research into shipyards' production and construction methods and was especially designed to meet the yard's stringent requirements.


  • Steel cutting
    NIPPON CERAMO improves workability on high speed cutting.
  • Bending
    NIPPON CERAMO has excellent flexibility for bending steel sections.


NIPPON CERAMO is a zinc silicate shop primer complied with IMO Resolution MSC.288(87) : PSPC-COT / MSC.215(82):PSPC-WBT. Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Bureau Veritas
  • ClassNK
  • DNV-GL
  • Korean Register
  • Lloyd's Register

Consult with your local Nippon Paint Marine representatives for more detail.