FASTAR, a proprietary antifouling coating that incorporates for the first time a hydrophilic and hydrophobic nano domain structure using unique nano technology. The coating efficiently consumes biocides and provides excellent antifouling performance with its nano domain technology. FASTAR is a next-generation antifouling paint friendly to the marine environment and supports the efficient operation of vessels and the marine business.


The product name “FASTAR” includes the meaning of “that it can maintain ship's speed”. & “that it is to be a star product of antifouling paint coatings”.

*FASTAR is a registered trademark of Nippon Paint Marine


The marine environment of the 21st century is undergoing changes and challenges.
These challenges affects consequently even antifouling paint coatings.

Environmental issues
Maritime industry's issues
  • Climate change due to global warming
  • Marine pollution
  • Working environment
  • Conformity to international environmental standards (SoX regulation, EEXI regulation)
  • Unexpected lay-up due to COVID 19 / Adoption of proper antifouling method
  • Less manpower for shipbuilding
    Less skilled workers


“Precise – Predictable – Performance”

FASTAR will sell better A/F performance from its nano-domain technology.
Because the nano-domain delivers biocide ions more accurately than current SPC’s. Therefore PRECISE
FASTAR’s A/F performance is less affected by seawater temperature and by the ship’s speed. Therefore PREDICATABLE
FASTAR has excellent A/F performance. Therefore PERFORMANCE


*1:compared with our products


  • Nanodomain Technology

    • Maintaining precise, stable and sustainable antifouling performance
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Environmental protection
  • Watertrapping & Rheology Control Technology

    • Reduction of marine environmental load
    • Improved ship's fuel efficiency
    • Smooth coating surface
  • HIGH SOLID Content

    • Reduction of air pollution
    • Improved coating efficiency


Focus on the surficial film of coating

To develop a new antifouling paint, Nippon Paint adopted a method of modifying the surficial film of coating rather than selecting an biocides. Aiming for “higher antifouling performance”, our unique nanodomain technology is applied on the surficial film of the coating.

Control of elution of antifouling components

To develop the antifouling function, an antifouling component emitted from the biocides is required. The widespread and stable elution of antifouling components was made possible by the hydrophilic & hydrophobic nanodomain structure. That is, the antifouling component is diffused in the surficial film of the coating by the hydrophilic domain and retained by the hydrophobic domain, and is stably eluted over a wide range.


Hydrogel in the coating film forms a layer of water (water trapped layer) constrained on the hydro-dynamic surface of the coating film, reducing the frictional resistance between the coating film (hull) and seawater.

This Nippon Paint's patented technology is installed in our LF-Sea and A-LF-Sea ranges for over a decade and has helped to deliver verified fuel-saving performance on thousands of ships.

FASTAR Ⅺ & FASTAR Ⅻ powered by Water trapping technology


Applicable with conventional painting methods and painting equipment.
Not required special equipment.

Click here for the painting procedure.


FASTAR series complies with IMO-AFS2001 as tin-free anti-fouling system.
Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • JPMA (Japan Paint Manufactures Association)
  • DNV-GL
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Korean Register


For the purpose of sustainable environmental protection, we created “water trapping technology” that enables low fliction and low fuel consumption with innovative technology. From that point on, we also succeeded in developing an biocide free self polishing antifouling paint with a “micro domain structure” with further innovative technology. Inspired by the technology cultivated with these antifouling paints, “FASTAR” aims at marine conservation and comfortable operation of ships, which will eventually lead to customer satisfaction and enrich our lives. It plays a role in realizing value creation.
We remain committed to ESG management of ship owners and ship builders through FASTAR.