Turn down the heat with EVER COOL

EVER COOL is a unique cosmetic finish designed to deliver cost savings by minimising heat transmission into a ship's internal areas.
The solar reflective properties of EVER COOL ensures that valuable cargo remains at a safe and steady temperature.
EVER COOL can also help reduce the power required for costly air-conditioning systems in ship accommodation areas and improve comfort levels.
Based on a reliable and well-known epoxy/polyurethane formulation, EVER COOL can easily be applied and maintained by ship's crews in service without the need for special application equipment and procedures.


  • Heavy duty epoxy & polyurethane system

    • Physical strength
    • Gloss retention
  • Heat reflecting effect

    • Reduction of heat Transfer (Special pigment)
  • Easy application

    • No specialty painting apparatus


Heat reflective Technology

Principle of heat reflecting

  • Most of the energy is absorbed and transform into heat.
  • With EVER COOL, the amount of heat energy absorbed is lower than that of standard coatings.
Lower heat transfer through / into deck

Verification on Bulk Carrier

Paint Film Surface Temperature (deg.c.)
Applied area: Compass deck on Panamax BC
Sample: 4,379 points

No effect in low temp. condition (From Jan to Feb)
Significant reflection effect in high temp. condition (From Mar to Jul)

Surface temp.
General paint: 70°C
SRC (EVER COOL): 43°C 28°C difference observed.


NIPPON PAINT HOLDING Group specifically developed heat reflecting coating systems as a countermeasure against urban heat island effects.
The coating systems developed have been successfully applied in various fields such as automotive, industrial, building & architectural coating business.
EVER COOL is especially designed for the demands of the marine industry.


Ever cool can be applied by conventional painting tools.

Compass deck - Newbuildings (Bulk carrier)

  • Application of EVER COOL Finish
  • Completion

Compass deck – M&R

  • Application of EVER COOL Primer
  • Completion