The World's Most Trusted Ultra-Low-Friction SPC coating system

Used on some of the world's most prestigious ships, A-LF-Sea is the world's most advanced and trusted ultra-low-friction coating system.
A-LF-Sea is an advanced version of LF-Sea delivering further propulsion benefits.
A-LF-Sea is a biomimetic super-low-friction antifouling that works using a patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull.
Stable and long term antifouling is guaranteed by the use of a self-smoothing copper-silyl-acrylate copolymer.


A-LF-Sea has been verified to deliver real low-friction performance from its patented use of a specially developed hydrophilic hydrogel within a superefficient copper-silyl-acrylate antifouling paint.
See this video (produced in 2013) which demonstrates the technology and basic concept.


  • Patented Copper silyl acrylate copolymer

    • Excellent antifouling performance
    • Long term and stable self-polishing
    • High volume solid
  • Water trapping technology & Rheology control

    • Smoother hull and super low friction
    • 10% fuel oil saving effect
  • Easy application

    • Standard painting practice and equipment
    • Direct application over existing antifouling

Water Trapping Technology

A-LF-Sea was designed to produce an enhanced water trapped layer by the use of a new improved blend of Hydro-gel.
See the concept of water trapping and how it works in an SPC shown in this video.
By having a microscopic layer of water trapped on the hull's surface, the water flow around and against the hull is smoothened.

Water trapped layer smoothens water flow.

  • Specially designed Hydro-gel
  • Frictional resistance

Rheology Control

Rheological Control is a special technology concerning flow of coatings.
Nippon Paint Marine's teams developed a special version of our epoxy anticorrosive and antiabrasive coating that forms a smoother film than normal epoxies.
Slowing down the initial curing mechanism by special chemistry delivers significantly smoother film. This smoother film gives a lower initial surface roughness for A-LF-Sea to perform to its fullest potential.

Reduction of frictional resistance

The combined effect of Nippon's enhanced hydro-gel technology added to the lower roughness from Nippon's Rheology Control technology leads to a 15% reduction of frictional resistance compared to other antifouling paints.

Frictional resistance

This 15% reduction in frictional resistance of the flat plate leads to an approximate 10% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions helping ship owners and positively contributing to the global environment.


A-LF-Sea was developed as support project with the Japanese Ministry of Transport MLIT*
“Research & Development of the Ultimate Fuel-Saving Antifouling Paint - Super Efficient Ship Development Program” (*MLIT : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Co-study with ClassNK under "the program of CO2 emission reduction for International Shipping" and subsidized by MLIT, conducted by Nippon Paint Co Ltd, Nippon Paint Marine Coatings Co Ltd, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL)


A-LF-Sea is easy to apply.
A-LF-Sea uses conventional painting equipment and needs no special or expensive masking
Standard painting procedures can be used
A-LF-Sea can be applied onto most existing SPC coatings in acceptable condition.

*Please contact your local NPMC representatives for more details.

Track Records

A-LF-Sea series have been applied to 2,613 ships (as of June 2018) .
As part of our continuous drive for improvement, Nippon Paint Marine are constantly reviewing ships' performance and condition in drydock.

  • 75,059DWT LNG Carrier
    33 Months
  • 301,542DWT BC
    30 Months
  • 17,399DWT PCC
    25 Months
  • 206,331WT BC
    30 Months
  • 56,023DWT BC
    36 Months
  • 300,610DWT VLCC
    30 Months


A-LF-Sea series complies with IMO-AFS2001 as tin-free anti-fouling system.
Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • JPMA (Japan Paint Manufactures Association)
  • DNV-GL
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Korean Register