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Oct.16 2017

AQUATERRAS® - Biocide free self-polishing antifouling paint

Nippon Paint Marine has launched a radically new and innovative biocide free SPC antifouling paint. AQUATERRAS® will be marketed globally from October 2017.

Antifouling paint has long been made containing with various biocides. The most effective products have a carefully controlled self-polishing mechanism to maintain efficiency, keeping ships clean over long periods of time.

AQUATERRAS® has been developed after years of careful research to provide excellent performance without the use of biocides thereby enhancing ships’ performance and protecting both the marine environment and reducing harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

AQUATERRAS® was produced and enhanced by Nippon Paint’s chemists using the micro-domain structure found in medical anti-thrombosis formulations. This novel chemistry has proved to be very effective against marine fouling.
To ensure that the new coating (*) will maintain its effectiveness over time, AQUATERRAS® also has the benefit of a highly effective and precise self-polishing mechanism.

Please contact your local NIPPON PAINT MARINE representative for more information on this groundbreaking technology.

Key Features
> Biocide free
> Self-polishing
> Ultra-low friction
> Long term protection against marine fouling

(*) Patent pending