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President’s Message

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Seiichiro Shirahata President

Welcome to our Website!

Marine vessel is essential means of transportation in shipping, fishery and passenger which is one of the most valuable inventions for mankind.

These vessels require to be protected under severe marine conditions.
That is the role of marine coatings.
Marine coatings business being run by Nippon Paint Marine Coatings Co.,Ltd. is the origin of Nippon Paint Co.,Ltd. which has over 130 years history in paint industry.

We may say that 130 years are equivalent to the history of technology development to realize high performance protection to marine vessel with lower environmental burden and energy saving.

Our marine coating products being supplied today, are the most advanced in those senses and we will provide everywhere worldwide with them.

We are committed to make more contributions to all customers and human society with three key words of “Global”, “Ecology” and “Technology”.

Seiichiro Shirahata President