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A leader in the marine coatings industry in the global marketplace
NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS (NPMC) supplies customers around the world with high-quality products, technical services and know-how by making use of Nippon Paint Group's global bases in manufacturing, sales, service and logistics networks. In addition, we have developed worldwide branding to allow for the easy identification of our product range for our customers. Furthermore, we have established a system to manufacture and supply high-quality products for newbuilding and repairing ships under the Nippon Paint brand.


Eco-friendly products developed while taking environmental issues into consideration
To protect the marine environment, we developed the innovative antifouling paint "Ecoloflex" in 1990. It is the world's first hydrolytic paint containing no organic tin yet provides superior antifouling properties. Caring for the environment is the driving force behind NPMC's efforts in integrating eco-friendliness and safety in all corporate activities.


Constant R&D, to supply products of excellent quality
We make every possible use of Nippon Paint Group's technology in research and development. NPMC not only works on researching paints, including original coating technologies to develop safer and more eco-friendly products, but also has made an early start on extensive studies of marine organisms and fouling mechanisms, essential to the development of antifouling technology. NPMC strives to create and offer services with higher added value for customers.