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LF-Sea Fuel saving type A/F LF-Sea  Low Friction Coatings / Less Fuel Consumption ※LFC stands for Low Friction Coating or Less Fuel Consumption. As this product contributes to the marine industry, we named “LF-Sea” as the brand name.

A biomimetic low-friction antifouling that works using a patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull. Stable and long term antifouling is guaranteed by the using of a self-smoothing copper-silyl-acrylate copolymer. The combination of the clean hull, accurate and predictable self-smoothing and the unique water-trapping technology gives a verifiable effect, lowering the ship's surface friction leading to fuel and CO2 emission savings.
  1. Silyl-Copper Acrylate Hydrolysis technology
  2. 5 year service life
  3. Lower friction provides an improvement in the ship’s hydrodynamic performance
  4. Water capsulation on the hull surface reduces turbulence during the ship’s operation
  5. Predictable and accurate polishing ensures long anti fouling performance
  6. More cost effective over time than silicone type foul-release systems
  7. Applicable over existing antifouling paints (in good condition*) provides the ‘LF-Sea effect’ without the need for blasting
  8. Long term static antifouling performance
LFC effect

Ferry ‘E’ – fuel consumption 2002- 2006.
After coating with LF-Sea in 2006 the fuel savings were clear


Technical feature
LFC Mechanism(1)

LFC Mechanism(2)

LF-Sea’s water encapsulation provides a unique and reliable method to improve the ship’s hydrodynamic performance.

LFC Mechanism(3)

Self-polishing properties improve the hull’s hydrodynamic performance over time.

Trac Records

1,318 vessels as of December 2016

  • General cargo container
    General cargo container 56,816 DWT, 30 months
  • Bulk container
    Bulk container 32,000 DWT, 31 months
  • Crude oil carrier
    Crude oil carrier 105,784 DWT, 36 months
  • Crude oil carrier
    Crude oil carrier 300,433 DWT, 36 months
Cost Simulation

Nippon Paint can provide a full cost simulation package tailored to your vessel. Please contact Nippon Paint for details